Look your Best at any Age

Look your Best at any Age

Aging is inevitable, but wrinkles don’t have to be! Stay out of the sun and avoid smoking, but if you still have frown lines and furrows, you can minimize them with facial injectables provided by Dr. Lesia U. Batorfalvy of Dental Arts of Orange County.Imagine smoothing out forehead and brow creases. A few shots of Botox Cosmetic and you can be crease-free for months.

There are different injectables that can minimize facial lines and folds for months at a time. Restylane and Juvederm are made from hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in your skin. The formulation and duration of each are slightly different; Dr. Batorfalvy can determine which one is the best solution for your beautiful face.

Dr. B also offers Radiesse, made from a mineral that also occurs naturally in the body. Radiesse is best for deep lines and furrows and can last up to a year.

Feel your best and look your best! Contact our dental office on Main Street in Florida to discover what facial injectables can do for you! It wouldn’t be a bad idea to combine a checkup with your visit – call us today!


Dr. Lesia U. Batorfalvy
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