Smile Gallery

Natalia S.

I was okay with my teeth, they were pretty straight, but I was unhappy with the color and with the length of my lateral incisors. They were too short. My mother was very good friends with Dr. Batorfalvy, so I’ve known her almost my entire life – and I have been a patient since I was a small child. When they recommended veneers for my lateral incisors, I was nervous. I have a very low threshold for pain, but they helped ease my anxiety by really explaining the whole procedure in detail and by sharing their own personal experiences with similar procedures. I didn’t feel any pressure to get the work done. They really let me make the decision on my own. Everyone was – and is – always pleasant and polite. They always make you feel comfortable and at ease. Dr. Lesia U. Batorfalvy is the best! She is super gentle and genuine. I’ve never met a doctor quite like her! There’s no one better than Dr. Batorfalvy! The veneer process was much faster than I anticipated.

It took a few sessions, but I was able to return to work after each appointment, and I felt absolutely no discomfort.

Now I love my teeth! This procedure really helped to boost my confidence. I no longer feel self conscious about my smile! It’s life changing, and I would absolutely do it again!

Jerrold W.

My teeth were worn, damaged, and making my smile appear aged. I decided to speak with Dr. Batorfalvy to find out what dental options were available to restore their health and function.

I trusted Dr. B and her experience after seeing how many other people she was able to help over the years. I was never apprehensive or nervous about discussing treatment options. Dr. B was thorough and careful in making sure she understood what solution would be the best fit for me and for my budget. In the end, we both decided that porcelain veneers and crowns would be able to give me the straight smile I was hoping for.

When it came time to have my dental work done, I was so impressed with how quickly and accurately Dr. B proceeded with treatment. Both she and her team were so very caring and professional the entire time. I was left with a new, beautiful top set of teeth. I can’t wait to get started on my lower teeth! I feel great and I am so pleased to have my smile back.

Norma C.

In both the business world and our personal lives, having a smile you can be proud of is important. For years, I was always struggling to hide my teeth because they were yellow and chipped. I was referred to Dr. Batorfalvy and I was hopeful she could help me look good again.

Dr. B made me feel extremely at ease while explaining the different treatment options that were available. The entire team at Dental Arts of Orange County was always very kind and gentle in their approach to my situation. They truly cared about helping me make the best decision for my budget and for my schedule.

Together, Dr. B and I decided that a combination of both dental implants and porcelain veneers was the perfect solution to fix and enhance my problem teeth. While under Dr. B’s care during treatment, she took the time to make sure I was always comfortable. I no longer avoid sharing my smile with anyone, thanks to Dr. B and her team! I would recommend them to anyone looking to love their smile all over again.

Lily E.

Feeling self conscious about my crooked teeth and having concern about how they may be affecting my overall health, helped me make the call to Dr. Batorfalvy. I was tired of being afraid to smile because of how my teeth looked, and I also had a noticeable cavity.

I knew I needed to get these things fixed, so I made an appointment with Dr. B’s office. I had heard from other patients about how welcoming the team is, so it made me feel comfortable to contact them.

Dr. B and I decided that we could take care of my cavity with a filling, and transform my crooked teeth with Invisalign clear aligner braces. After we discussed my treatment schedule, I was so excited about seeing success in the end results. When Dr. B did my filling, I was
comfortable the whole time thanks to personalized music, T.V., and my trust in her experience.

Thanks to Dr. B and Invisalign, my smile looks and feels incredible. It’s perfect! I’ve been a patient here for years now, and every time I come back for a checkup or cleaning, everyone makes you the priority while being pleasant and friendly. Thank you to everyone at Dental Arts of Orange County for everything you’ve done. I am so lucky to have come here!

Miriam O.

My initial visit to Dr. Batorfalvy’s office was for a regular cleaning after my sister recommend that I give them a call. Besides needing a checkup, I also wanted to speak with Dr. B and her team about the spaces and gaps between my teeth. For years, I had been wondering what I could do to make my smile more even.

I decided to speak with Dr. B to see what she would recommend as treatment options. She discussed my needs and goals with me before asking if I had ever considered porcelain veneers. As it turns out, veneers were the solution to create the bright, beautiful smile I was hoping to achieve. The preparation and placement of the veneers was comfortable and didn’t take long at all. Now I have an absolutely perfect smile that I’m so excited to show off.

The whole experience at Dental Arts of Orange County was just wonderful. Everyone in the office was so sweet and so patient. I always felt at home and cared for. I would definitely tell other people to speak with Dr. B about veneers. I love my smile and I know they will too.

Oksana P.

After getting to know Dr. Batorfalvy’s dental philosophy and her caring attitude, I decided to call her my dentist even though I have to travel two hours to get to her! She is worth the trip! I never liked my bottom front teeth. The spacing was uneven and they were crowded, and I had always wanted to have them straightened. Once I began seeing Dr. Bartorfalvy, the best dentist in the area, there was no reason to keep putting off the procedure. She has perfected no-pain dentistry so I was never nervous or apprehensive. When one of the permanent teeth came back not perfect enough for her exacting standards, she sent it back for redesign. Now all my teeth are just perfect – beautiful and straight! I am finally comfortable smiling and just thrilled with the way my teeth look!


Judith S.

I hated my lower front teeth – over the years they had shifted and they were crooked and uneven. I just wanted straight teeth again! Thank goodness I had Dr. Batorfalvy to rely on. She was so reassuring ! I decided to have porcelain crowns placed on all six of my lower front teeth and now I have perfect teeth! I love them!

Bo B.

I had a lot of cavities, root canals, and other dental work so my teeth constantly gave me anxiety. It even caused me to smile less in photos. When I finally decided to have porcelain veneers placed, thanks to motivation from Dr. Batorfalvy, my wife, and my friends – and ultimately myself too – I was never nervous.

Dr. Batorfalvy has been my dentist all my life and I knew that she and her team would keep me comfortable during the procedure. Dr. Batorfalvy and her staff have created a perfect environment for professional dental care with headphones to listen to music, a warm neck wrap to prevent a stiff neck, and T.V. for distraction and entertainment. In addition, the gentleness and professional bedside manner of the doctor helped alleviate any lingering apprehension.

The procedure took about three-and-a-half to four hours. It involved contouring my teeth, and applying temporary veneers while the lab completed my final veneers. I can’t say how happy I am to have finally done this. I really needed a boost in confidence. The results are excellent – I now have a million dollar smile! In fact, I would recommend this to anyone. It is a life changing event.

Aaron W.

Before coming to Dr. Batorfalvy, I was really unhappy with how my smile looked. I didn’tparticularly like that it was uneven and crooked. I went through life each day not really wantingto smile because I was always feeling embarrassed about my teeth.

Dr. B recommended crowns to reshape some of my teeth and give me the full, healthy smile I was looking for. My treatment time went by so fast. Everyone was very helpful, and alwaysmade sure to fill me in on my progress to make sure I was always comfortable. I felt like they really cared about helping me and my smile look great.

My smile definitely looks and feels a lot healthier after treatment. I would tell everyone to take Dr. B’s advice and take care of their smile! It’s definitely worth it.


Brian S.

Throughout my lifetime, I’ve generally been happy with how my teeth looked. But there was always part of me that wanted a straighter smile. At age 67, I was unsure of what treatment option would work best for me.

After meeting with Dr. Batorfalvy, we decided that Invisalign clear aligners would provide the results I was looking for, with minimal disruption to my daily routine. She took time to explain how Invisalign works and how long it typically takes to see results.

After speaking with Dr. B and her team, I felt comfortable about moving forward. I was a little apprehensive about the treatment time, but I started to see my teeth becoming straighter after just two weeks of wearing the plastic aligners. From going to the office for checkups and to get new aligners to wearing them every day, the process was comfortable and easy.

To anyone who is considering Invisalign (at any age), I recommend that you go for it at Dental Arts of Orange County with Dr. B!

 Stephanie C.

For years, I was unhappy with the staining and chipping on the bonding of my front teeth. The fact that they were different colors made me feel self-conscious. I had heard great things about Dr. Batorfalvy and when she started accepting dental insurance, I decided to make the change.

After our consultation and exam, Dr. B said crowns were a perfect fit for my teeth. What’s even better was that my insurance covered the entire procedure. I was nervous about my teeth not looking natural, but Dr. B and her team always helped me feel comfortable. They took the time to really listen to my concerns, which showed me how much they truly cared.

My treatment experience was great thanks to the extra relaxing ‘spa’ comforts, noise-cancelling headphones, and personalized TV. Now that my smile is complete, I have referred my entire family to Dr. B. Everyone is so friendly, and they go out of their way to make you feel like you’re part of their family. You don’t feel like you’re at the dentist. You feel like you’re at the spa.